Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CRM for Doctor’s office

Managing patients’ files with CRM software it’s the warranty of proper medical information follow-up: better help for treatment follow-up and very specific diagnosis.

CRM software for Doctor’s office concept it based on three case scenarios:

  • Doctor working alone 
  • Doctor working with medical help (secretary, assistant  etc)
  • Doctor working with medical help and others colleagues.  This model it’s also applicable for clinics of hospitals. 

For all those cases we advise to use Simple CRM, cloud based CRM for Doctor’s office.

  • Doctor working alone case – he is the one who make all planning, encoding information 
  • Second case, doctor with help- it’s his assistant who’s in charge with encoding task and 
  • Same thing for the 3-rd scenario- the assistant will encode information for all different visits (calendar, meetings, patients’ home visits etc.) shared Doctor’s calendar to different doctors and she will share each one’s calendar. 

All medical examination will be linked to patient’s file. With one click mouse the doctor can check examinations, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments etc.

The Doctor can also see all external documents linked to these patients like: tests results (ultrasound, biochemical etc).

Simple CRM I’s the only CRM for Doctor’s office that allows storing HD medical imaging (10 Giga).

If there is a doubt for a diagnosis the Doctor can press COLLABORATE button and he can therefore have a second opinion form his colleague.

Simple CRM for doctor’s office it’s Windows, Linux, Mac compatible and it is accessible from mobile platforms also: iPad, iPhone, Android, PC tablets etc.; you can therefore check any file from any ware it you have an internet connection; if you are visiting a patients at his home you can check online his medical history.


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